Thursday, November 4, 2010


 Okay let recap today....... COLD, and worse rainy and I had to wake up early. But all that aside I had a pretty interesting day. A fellow artist ( Bob) invited our Professor and his class to join him in sitting in on court cases and draw the proceedings. I am not in his class but I  tagged along anyway and I must say it was worth the trip. Try capturing people that wont stand still that are there for less than a minute.

 Judge and Bailiff

  random detainee and some young lawyers( I think) 

   Victim  and Defendant

Last one just a sketch of my professor lol

As I said I had a fun time and like to thank Bob again for inviting us to draw with him


  1. i love the last one of Professor! lol! all of yours came out really well actually, didn't get a chance to see them! I should post mine up when I get the chance.

  2. it good because he was sitting still lol