Tuesday, August 27, 2013

hey here is a follow up post.

After the previous painting I had more confidence in oil to continue this painting.
After my last year in school I went back in the summer to attend a workshop headed by Mike Wimmer a illustrator known for his portraits. His workshop dealt with taking photo reference lighting etc.  and then using to to make a portrait. Here we have my friend and fellow illustrator ray as an aviator. This workshop was almost a year ago and it only know I got to finish this. At the time I was still getting to used to oil and in fear or messing it up I put it away into storage. But after building up some confidence in the medium I took this guy back out and I like how it came out.

Starting Over

So guys haven't posted in .... forever? so what have i been doing you wonder (or don't). Well I have graduated college still getting into the art game. Took half a year off from doing anything remotely artistic but finally got back on the horse. will be posting some of the new works. Starting with this one.
So I've changed my game up a bit. I use oils instead of gouache now. prefer how I can blend the colors on the board and not risk picking up the paint which i tended to do way to much with gouache. I must say I enjoyed this picture and while it have issues in some aspects it got me back into painting.