Thursday, October 13, 2011

So Color Theory.... starting to find the HW... fun

So Finally we can stop painting small swatches of color ( Its a lie we still have a few more to do) and finally paint something. So if you gonna do a hw assignment you might as well have fun with it... Just as long as you still meet the requirements. So here are my studies in Warm and Cool Black and White Objects ( Well the professor argued my white aren't white and I can't deny that oh well)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm not Dead! Here's some new work

Yeah haven't posted a dam thing all summer... really had no excuse for that. All I can say is sorry and I will promise to post more often. Well this is going to be my final year in college, which means this is going to be the busiest and stress ridden year of my life thus far. Not only do I have color theory this year; I have to do my BFA show on top of that. (Anyone who has been in the NJCU art program would know how fucked I am). Well there is enough time in the week to get all this done I just have to use them wisely.... which at the moment I am still improving upon. 

So what have I been up to, Well this Monday there is going to be a small gallery show with work done in a special project class last semester and I was in that class. Illustrator William Low taught our class both digital and traditional painting techniques and we had to come up with a piece that illustrates a particular subject. The subject was Ellis Island and we had free rein and what we wanted to do. This is what I did.

18"x24" oil on masonite board

All in all it came out well enough. I enjoy the piece and quiet proud of it. Don't really work in oil (drying time and what not can be annoying to me) but I tried out this new water soluble oil paint (yes it exist) and I must say it works pretty well and less messy.